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Hokusetsu Satoyama - Wind Museum

September, 2013 - November 9, 2014(around the natural environment, Satoyama, in Hokusetsu area, Hyogo, Japan)

Satoyama WindmillHokusetsu Satoyama Wind Museum was launched with Susumu Shingu, the Sanda based artist, as one of the projects of Hokusetsu Satoyama Museum by Hyogo Prefecture. Satoyama means the natural environment around people. Susumu Shingu's Windmill, named "Satoyama Windmill," was donated to the prefecture and installed at the Lawn Plaza of Arimafuji Park as the symbol of transmission of information in Satoyama.

Hokusetsu Satoyama Wind Museum will continue to have workshops regularly with children in order to give them occasions to think about how we should live in the future keeping good relation with surrounding nature.

organization : Executive Committee of Hokusetsu Satoyama - Wind Museum
planning : Susumu Shingu, Hanshin-kita District Administration Office of Hyogo Prefecture

Hokusetsu Satoyama Museum by Hyogo Prefecture

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November 9, 2014   Genki-kite Workshop at Kyosei Center, Arimafuji ParkOpen or Close

Genki-kite Workshop    November 9, 2014   9:30 - 15:30    Kyosei Center, Arimafuji Park
The participants of about 40 children from kindergartens and elementary schools enjoyed drawing on paper and making diamond kites. The skilled people from a kite lovers' group, called Fujin, taught children how to make a traditional Japanese kite with Japanese paper and bamboo sticks.
Although it was not possible to fly the completed kites in the unfortunate rainy weather, Fujin people demonstrated to fly a kite train and others in nylon. And that made children really happy.

October 13, 2013   Genki-nobori Workshop at the Lawn Plaza of Arimafuji ParkOpen or Close

About 60 people, families and friends including small children, enjoyed painting on Genki-nobori on the vast green Lawn Plaza of Arimafuji Park. The children were running around with full of joy and energy under the clear autumn sky, and 20 Genki-nobori were completed.
Relay workshops were held in the city of Sanda in nursery schools, kindergartens and among art students of high school. The completed Genki-nobori, 40 of them, were exhibited in the air on the occasion of the inauguration of "Satoyama Windmill" at Arimafuji Park on November 10, 2013.

November 10, 2013
Inauguration Ceremony of Satoyama Windmill / Lecture by Susumu Shingu
at the Lawn Plaza of Arimafuji Park and in the hall of Arimafuji Coexistence CenterOpen or Close

The inauguration ceremony was held to celebrate the installation of Satoyama Windmill at the Lawn Plaza of Arimafuji Park, Sanda, Hyogo in Japan. The rain stopped and breeze started to blow when the ceremony started with the cheerful singing by Sanda Boys and Girls Choir in front of 150 people, including prefectural and city council members and general public. Speeches by the governor Toshizo Ido and mayor of Sanda, Hideaki Takeuchi were followed by the explanation about Satoyama Windmill by Susumu Shingu.

The certificate of appreciation was given to Susumu Shingu by the governor. Then the ribbon cutting ceremony was performed. Satoyama Windmill together with 38 Genki-nobori were moving gently by the wind during all that time. The Genki-nobori will be exhibited there for one week.

The lecture by Susumu Shingu, Being with Nature, was given in the hall of Arimafuji Coexistence Center. Participants enjoyed the talk and video of 'Atelier in the Rice Paddies' and 'Genki Caravan Yuriage' for about an hour.

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update on July 22, 2019

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Peter Buchanan, Renzo Piano, Jirí Kylián and Yusuke Nakahara
Paris: Editions Cercle d'Art


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