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wind caravan

WIND CARAVAN Susumu Shingu
BRAIN CENTER price 3,000 Yen + tax
128 pages with 90 photographs in color
format: 20cm x 21cm (English edition)

The book with beautiful photographs to illustrate the magnificent art project, Wind Caravan.

Fukuinkan Shoten Publishers, Inc. Susumu Shingu 1,400 Yen + tax (25.3cm x 26.5cm)text in English

The sensation of Wind Caravan in a picture book! Let's fly with the wind. The breathtaking landscapes of nature spreads one after another.
Wind Traveler (Kaze-no-tabibito)

Wind Traveler (Kaze-no-tabibito)
Fuso Publishing Inc. 1,500 Yen (Japanese edition)

Susumu Shingu wrote the back-stage stories of his journey of Wind Caravan.
(8 pages of color photos and 40 illustrations by Shingu are included)

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